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Recommended products to cover Tattoos

  • To cover tattoos use Dermablend Corrective Stick for smaller areas or Dermablend Total Body Foundation for larger tattoos
  • For smudge-resistant, long-lasting wearability for up to 16 hours, apply Dermablend Setting Powder over your foundation.

Emma's story

I got it as an impulse decision while I was in my first year at university. I was bored during revision and it seemed like a great idea at the time. Fast forward two days and I already realised it wasn’t the best decision I’d ever made; but too late to do anything about it!  I am used to it being there but every now and then it really bothers me. I find it makes me feel unprofessional as it’s in a very obvious place that lots of people see every day.

I have in the past tried to cover up my tattoo with concealer and foundation and had absolutely no luck, so I was slightly sceptical. However, after it was applied I was really impressed – you genuinely wouldn’t know there was a tattoo underneath it, it was so well-covered and well-matched to my skin tone.

I found it made a really nice yet subtle difference to my confidence. It was nice to not feel like people were judging me on the basis of it, and I felt more mature and professional. I also got a great feeling of relief from it, knowing that when I need to hide it or ‘get rid’ of it it is possible!

Non retouched photos using the Vichy Dermablend range.