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Acne, Spots & Blemishes


What are spots and blemishes?

Spots and blemishes are a common skin condition that affect most people at some point. Visible spots develop on the skin, most commonly on the face, back and chest, as a result of glands in the skin producing excessive amounts of an oily substance known as sebum which blocks the hair follicles, causing blackheads and whiteheads. Normally harmless bacteria that live on the skin can then infect a blocked follicle, causing papules or cysts which can be severe, long lasting and can lead to scarring.

Recommended Products to cover spots and acne

For oily, acne-prone skin use Dermablend [3D CORRECTION]

  • For smudge-resistant, long-lasting wearability for up to 16 hours, apply Dermablend Setting Powder over your foundation.


Maeve's story

Maeve - Dermablend user

I suffer from acne and scarring on my face, mainly around my mouth. This skin condition causes anxiety, a lack of confidence & makes me feel unhappy. None of my friends or family suffer from this skin condition which leaves me feeling even more self-conscious about it. I cover my skin concern because I want to hide the fact that I have acne, it boosts my confidence to cover the flaws.

Dermablend left my skin looking naturally flawless, it was light & easily applied. I didn’t feel like I was wearing make up at all. The effect of Dermablend is so natural looking it's like a second skin. I love the coverage of the foundation, it doesn’t leave you with a cakey traditional make up feel. I would highly recommend Dermablend to anyone but especially people with sensitive acne prone skin like myself, it did not aggravate my skin in any way but left it feeling smooth & looking blemish free.

Non retouched photos using the Vichy Dermablend range.